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Jani Currie-Ruggieri Owner/instructor:  Jani grew up in the dance world under the direction of her mother, Jody Currie.  She graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Physical Education and a coaching endorsement.  She has taught numerous camps and classes in the Midwest region as well as the east coast. Paramount Pictures hired Jani to choreograph and produce a movie promotion in the midwest.  She has studied under very famous dance educators around the United States. Jani is trained in tap, ballet, lyrical, pointe, tumbling/acrobatics, and jazz/hip hop, Jani is married and has a son and a daughter. She believes that all children are unique in their own special way and her love and compassion for dance and children definitely shows in her teaching style.

Danika Roberts Owner/instructor:  Danika is the daughter of Jani Currie Ruggieri and grew up as a dancer.  Danika is married & has a son. She has performed across the United States. As a young dancer, Danika was a demonstrator at the Dance Makers International dance convention in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Danika was a member of the National Outback Bowl performance team in 2014 & was a coach at the 2020 & 2023 performances. Danika graduated from Grand View University in 2017.  She danced on her college dance team for 2 seasons. Danika has furthered her dance education in New York at the Broadway Dance Center and at various dance conventions throughout her dancing career.  She is trained in all areas of dance with jazz/Hip Hop being her favorite!  Danika says the dance studio is her home away from home and loves to be around all the students!  

Alison Currie instructor: Alison grew up at the Currie Dance Studio studying all areas of dance and tumbling with Jody & Jani Currie. During her high school years she was a student teacher at our dance studio.  In high school Alison was a member of  the Johnston High School dance team. She continued to dance at the University of Iowa where she received her degree.  Alison was a Disney character at Walt Disney World for one year. She has studied in New York and at many conventions throughout her dance career.  She is married and has a daughter and a step son.  Alison is so full of life and happiness that she can make the room come to life. Her true passion is dance!

Mindy Webb-Todd instructor: Mindy grew up at the Currie Dance Studio and 
studied all areas of dance.  Mindy went off to college and then became an 
accountant .  She came back to dance when her 2 daughters wanted to start 
dancing.  She has continued to share her passion and love for dance ever 
since.  Mindy loves working with children and seeing their hearts fill with the 
same love of dance that she had as a student at our studio.

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Ashley Mc Carty instructor: Ashley grew up at the Currie Dance Studio studying all types of dance and tumbling.  She was a student dance teacher through out her high school years.  Ashley attended Grand View University to become a nurse, and was a member of their dance team.  Ashley is married and has 2 sons and daughter. She has continued to teach with us and enjoys being a part of the studio. 

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Jenny Meade instructor: Jenny grew up taking dance at the Currie Dance 
Studio with a strong interest in Tap, Ballet & Jazz.  She was a member of the 
Dance America national finalist tap group. Jenny is married and has 3 girls.  She 
graduated from UNI with a t
eaching degree.  Jenny taught school full time as a 
math teacher at the Urbandale Middle School. Then transferred schools to teach 
part time at the Bergman Academy.  She has taught many years at the Currie 
Dance studio, her happy, caring and loving personality resonates with the 
dancers especially the younger students.  

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Lannie Davis instructor: Lannie grew up at the Currie Dance Studio studying all types of dance with a love for jazz. She was also a student dance teacher through out her high school years and continued teaching for a few years after high school. Lannie went to college and became a nurse and owns her own business, Balanced Health & Allergy. Lannie is married with 3 sons and daughter. Lannie came back to teach after introducing 3 of her children to dance. She is excited to share her passion for dance with the students and help them grow as individuals as well as in their dance abilities.  

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