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Dress Code

Clothing Attire

If in doubt about any clothing or shoe requirement, please ask the studio staff before wearing.


All girls: 

       Leotard and tights. Leggings & form fitted shirt are allowed.
       Acceptable accessories: black jazz pants, ballet skirts, ballet sweaters, fitted dance               tops, and Currie studio shirts.  Hair must be pulled back and out of the face before     

       they arrive to class.

All boys:  

       T-shirt tucked into sweat pants, black jazz pants, or shorts.  NO JEANS.


The following clothing is unacceptable to wear in any class: 

Pajama pants, boxer shorts, any over-sized clothing, jeans, and any dance pants that drag on the floor. If the clothing presents a danger to the child they will be asked to change clothes or sit and watch class.




       Girls - Tan (no laces) , children up through 5th grade may use a basic tap or maryjane.                       All ties MUST be replaced with elastic or a dance elastic band. 

                   All students 6th grade & above MUST have the slip on gore tan tap shoe.

       Boys - Black gore tap.  Younger boys may wear any male black tap.

       Hip Hop/Jazz:  

       All 30 minute jazz classes black gore boots, absolutely no laces please.

       No jazz Sneakers!



       Girls - Pink Capezio or Bloch brand ballet shoes of any kind*

       Boys - Black ballet shoes*


       White acrobatic shoes with a rubber sole or white OmniCheer sneaker.  

       (leather preffered, leather is required for tumbling troupe)

*Students will not be allowed to wear dance shoes from a department store. They have no arch, they do not bend, and the toes are made poorly. It is difficult to teach your child in these types of shoes.

Different styles of shoes are available in the colors above.  Please check with us if you have any questions.


We recommend purchasing your dancewear at: 

Elite Dance Outfitters: 

9962 Swanson Blvd. in Clive

515 276 6115


When you know your shoes are the correct ones for your class, PLEASE write your name inside!

Note:  There will be special tights color requirement for the recital!  These will be announced when the costumes are shown.


The Currie Dance Studio is not responsible if you purchase incorrect shoe color or shoe style.  You will be 
expected to purchase the correct shoes for your class.

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